CSE Inspection Services helps you understand your property inspection.

When you are given the results of your home inspection it can sometimes be hard to understand. CSE Inspection will go over the inspection with you and let you know if there are any areas of concern. Buyers and Sellers need to understand what the results mean. For sellers who are about to list their house on the market they want to be aware of issues so they can be fixed. For buyers the want to know the biggest purchase of their life is not going to be the biggest problem as well. CSE Inspections thinks of our services as investment protection, providing accurate test results and recommendations if there is something that we find to be alerting in our investigations.


We look for mold, allergens and the other bioaerosols or any other air problems with the air quality inside the home. The mold test gives us answers to important questions of our investigation.

The mold test will let you know if there is a problem and how bad it is. We will know what level of risk you could be at if there is mold found and reported from the test. With our thermal imagining technology we can confidently tell you if we see the source of moisture coming into your home causing this problem to happen.

mold test inspection services


A water test report will find any issues and the level of risk it could cause. Making sure the water does not get contaminated before sending in results is very important for this test.

We use a sterile sample bottle, and collect a minimum of 250ml of water is collected The sample is also insulated to protect it from any elements that could alter the test during transportation.

water inspection services


Results for this test can help homeowners see areas that could need repairs, find pest like termites in the walls, missing insulation and even areas of moisture that is the cause of mold, that you didn’t know was there. With thermal imaging we interpret the results of our findings during the investigation.

This is non invasive technology showing a homeowner a snapshot of where problems exist in their home.

thermal imaging camera home inspection


Test results will show us how many parts per million (ppm) and milligrams of lead per square centimeter (mg/cm²) are in the paint, soil, and dust. Test results of paint containing lead of 5,000 ppm or 1(mg/cm²) and higher are hazardous. Test results of soil with take from bare soil with 400ppm and samples of soil tested in more covered grass areas with results showing 1,000 ppm are implications of high levels. Dust from interiors floors with 40 micrograms of lead per square foot (mcg/ft²), interior surfaces and exterior horizontal window surfaces with results of 400 (mcg/ft²) and higher are hazardous.

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